The next regular monthly union meeting will be held on

 Tuesday, October 17, 2017, at 7:30 pm
The local lodge Executive Board will meet at 7:00 pm

In addition to regular business the agenda includes the 3rd and final reading and vote on 10 L.L. by-law submissions. Click on the link below to view the proposed by-law changes;

Art. 1 Sec 3 para 1        Art IV Sec 4 para 1

Art IV Sec 5 para 1      Art V Sec 2 para 1

Art VII Sec 12 para 1



I hope that all members have recovered from Irma. We have been informed that we will have to rerun the Officer Election at the G.L. level with the same set up as before in a January nomination period with a February run- off election for the nominations of the local lodges’ selections, then an election in April. Information will be posted on this website as it is received and also on the D.L. and G.L. websites, and a by G.L. mail out. The election will be watched by the U.S. Labor Department.

At this month’s regular meeting we will be voting on L.L. By-law changes.

Please rest up as next month will be Thanksgiving Holiday and we all know how that travel season goes.




The AssociationFor all members of the New American Airlines, formerly US. Airways and United Airlines employees, a new “drop down” site has been added to the home page. The new site titled THE ASSOCIATION, will contain the latest information on those negotiations, as they are received. Please check this site often for the latest updates. As always, contact your Shop Steward, or General Chairperson for any clarification.




% of LL            % of TTL     Amount                      Usage 

27%                3.84%            $2.38              Training/Conferences/Conventions
15%                2.15%            $1.33              Salaries and Incidentals of officers and                                                                                    committee chairs
15%                2.15%            $1.33             Florida State Conceal of Machinists
10%                1.45%             $0.90             Accounting (DL 142)
9%                  1.29%             $0.80             Florida AFL-CIO
7%                  .98%              $0.61             Communications (Phones/Internet/Wed site )
5%                  .71%              $0.44              Taxes
4%                    .56%             $0.35             Social (Bibles/Watches/Donations/Shirts)
3%                  .42%              $0.26              Election cost
3%                  .42%              $0.26               Office cost (Postage/Paper/Ink/Mileage/Audits)

The total monthly dues amount is $62.00 per member.

For a more complete breakdown please click here;  Local Dues Breakdown 2

Thanks to L.L. Secretary-Treasurer  Ted Thibodeaux for preparing this breakdown.



is here to help you when you are facing personal problems. The assistance is confidential and free. Click here or the logo below for more information, or contact Brother Chuck Krieg at


eap-card-1For the District 142 membership, contact Brother Paul M. Shultz at; or call 704-907-3563


District 142 Convention Report 

To read Anna Davidson’s report on the District 142 Convention click here.


welcomeLocal Lodge 2319 welcomes the following new members,
Eddie Bennett
Customer Service Agent for United Airlines at Ft. Myers

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2319 T-ShirtsLocal Lodge 2319 T-shirts are now available. Sizes range from small to XX-Large. Please contact a local lodge executive board member or your shop steward for information and prices. All shirts are Union made in America.


 Union Dues Check-Off

Some of our members have opted to forgo payroll deduction of their monthly dues, which is an option available to all. However, that does not preclude you from paying your monthly dues on time. If you elect to pay by check, please remit the full monthly amount by the first of the month. Make the check out to IAM District Lodge 142, indicate in the memo section that the dues are for IAM Local 2319. Please mail the check to;          IAM District 142
400 NE 32nd St.

Kansas City, MO. 64116 

 The current monthly dues rate is $62.00

If you have any questions please contact the Local Executive Board at;                               813-267-5127


Labor Letter 2

For information on various topics important to labor unionist, and the trade union movement, log onto the the Labor Letter, from American Income Life Insurance Co.
The online edition of AIL/NILICO Labor Letter & Agenda can be found at;